Gutter Terminology

by Cubby on June 26, 2012

Drainage – A system of gutters and drainpipes that carry water away from the foundation of a house.

Drop Outlet – Formed piece that serves as the hole from which the water travels from the horizontal section of the gutter to the downspout.

Elbow – Pre-finished angled piece for directing water flow.

End Cap – Flat formed piece that is placed at the end of a gutter section.

Fascia – A flat board that runs horizontally along the eaves of a roof, typically capping the ends of the roof rafters to give the roof edge a more finished look and provide a base for attaching gutters.

Gutters – Horizontal channels installed at the edge of a roof to carry rainwater or melted snow away from the house.

Hanger – Flat strap that is installed under the roofing matierial and hold up the horizontal section of the gutter.

Inside mitre box – A corner piece of the horizontal section that is deflected in.

Leader – A pipe that carries rainwater from the gutters to the ground, sewers, or wells.

Outside mitre box – A corner piece of the horizontal section that is deflected out.

Pitch – The angle at which a horizontal section of gutter is tilted in order to force water to flow toward a downspout.

Run – Length of a horizontal section of gutter.

Splashblock – Plastic or concrete surface put under a downspout to direct water away from the house.

Strap – Flat hangers that are nailed into the house to hold the downspouts in place.

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