by admin on July 3, 2012

 –  Steve – Sarasota Florida.

If I put window tint on my new replacement windows to knock down the sun glare, will this have an effect on my manufactuer’s warranty?

Steve,  short answer is yes!  Almost ALL window manufacturer’s have a disclaimer in their warranty information stating that adding a 3rd party product which alters the original performance of the product will VOID any and sometimes ALL warranties. 


The main problem with adding a film to your windows or patio doors is that the film will actually cause a heat build up within the double panes of glass. 

This causes seal failure.  If you have seal failure you will see dirt and moisture between the panes of glass.  This means most likely that your Argon gas is gone as well and the windows performance is no longer working.    Hope this information helps.   – Cubby for FAS Windows and Doors.  For more information about replacement windows, door and patio doors in the Central Florida area visit the Experts at .

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