Know your Zone when replacing your windows and doors.

by Cubby on June 26, 2012

It is important to consider which climate zone your home is located in when purchasing new replacement windows or skylights.  Not all windows are made for each part of the United States.  Cooler climate areas will need to concentrate more on Argon Gas or even Krypton Gas.  Hotter climates need to concentrate more on Low e coatings.  There are many Low e coatings out there.  Most manufacturers offer spectrally selective glass packs for certain areas of the United States.  This means a reputable window manufacturer will not manufacture windows for the North West part of the United States climate and with no changes at all sell the same window in Sunny Florida.  Most manufacturers offer glass packs that work best in each region of the United States.  Do you research by first understanding what climate zone you are in then find reputable manufacturer in that zone for the best performance.  High performance windows will pay off in the long run.  So remember to ask your home improvement expert what products they offer that are made for your specific area.  In the end you will get far better performance and get the energy savings you are looking for if you choose the right window or door made specifically for your climate.    For more information about what type of windows work best in your climate contact an Expert at .


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