Three Reasons To Consult The Better Business Bureau When Sourcing A Home Improvement Professional

by Cubby on June 1, 2012

Better Business Bureau Verified A Rating

As a consumer, there’s nothing more important than trust when hiring a home improvement professional. When the time comes to tackle those projects that you lack the knowledge to complete yourself, it’s crucial to have complete faith in the experts you hire for the job. After all, it’s not as if you’re purchasing a simple hamburger and fries – this is your home we’re talking about! But how can you possibly know if the home improvement company you’re considering is trustworthy? The most effective way to find out it is by consulting your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Why Trust The Better Business Bureau?


So what is the BBB and how can they assist consumers in finding competent home improvement experts? The BBB is a corporation with local chapters and accredited member businesses nationwide. The organization seeks to compile accurate information on the reliability of businesses and works to promote ethical business practices. They also warn the general public of consumer frauds, and help resolve disputes between consumers and businesses. In short, they are your ultimate resource for finding the most reliable home improvement experts in your area – and here’s why:


  • High Standards For Trust: If you      want to save money, but are also looking for a company you can trust, BBB      is a great place to start. BBB holds businesses to the highest standards      of trust; and in order to secure a coveted invitation for membership, a      company must meet these standards. This includes honest advertising, a      positive track record, transparent business operations, dedication to consumer      privacy and the ability to uphold promises. If a home improvement company      is an accredited BBB member, it is definitely a testament to their      integrity. However, just because a business is not a member, doesn’t mean      you can’t trust them! BBB also offers a wealth of information on      non-member businesses, including objective reviews.


  • Objective Information And Reviews: Want      to find out if the home improvement experts you’re considering are      licensed, insured and bonded? Wondering if they have been involved in any      disputes or have received poor reviews? Check your local BBB! You can find      all kinds of unbiased information to help you make an informed decision      when hiring a professional.


  • Your First Line Of Defense Against      Scams: Everyone wants to save money, but no one wants to be the victim      of a scam. If a deal seems too good to be true, it very well might be! BBB      provides consumers with information on the latest scams and how to avoid      them.


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