19 Point Verification

  1. A rating with the BBB – All PHE members have up to date and outstanding ratings with the BBB.  The BBB has been in business serving the Public and Local Businesses since 1920.PHE19_logo_mockup05
  2. Locally owned and operated – not a nationwide franchise or chain store –  PHE supports locally owned and operated home improvement companies.  PHE helps keep your dollars in your community.
  3. Offers products Made in the USA – PHE requires that ALL PHE members offer products made or grown in the USA. 
  4. Checked for all necessary required licenses – When a licenses is required to preform the work contracted PHE insures that each member will have all necessary licesnes up to date and in place at all times.
  5. Checked for all necessary required Workman’s Compensation Insurance – PHE ensures all Experts have required all Workman’s Compensation Insurances are in place prior to the start of any job.
  6. Checked for all necessary required Property Damage Coverage – PHE ensures all PHE Experts carry the proper and necessary amounts of Property Damage Coverage at all times.
  7. Checked for all necessary required Public Liability Insurance – PHE ensures that all Experts carry up to date and required Public Liability Insurance when necessary.
  8. Check that the Expert has conducted back ground checks on all employees
  9. All Experts are S.F.I companies.  Sell, Furnish and Install and preform all warranty work themselves, do not sub out warranty work.
  10. All Experts will provide a clear and concise description of the project and who is responsible for each aspect of the job. 
  11. All Experts will provide above industry standard warranties on all products sold
  12. All Experts will provide above industry standard warranties on all installation provided
  13. All Experts will provide a Lien Release once the job is completed and paid for in full
  14. All Experts know and will follow local building codes and regulations according the State – PHE members has confirmed that all Experts have all proper and necessary knowledge of the required code in   service areas.
  15.  All Experts will provide a  clear, concise, and complete description of the project. And who will be responsible for which aspects of start dates and estimated completion dates.
  16.  All Experts when necessary will provide who is responsible for obtaining permits if required.  This is usually the Expert.
  17.  Any changes to the original contract will be handled with a contract change authorization in writing and will be clear and concise as to who is responsible for the changes.
  18.  Terms for payment and will be clear and concise prior to the signing of any Sales Agreement – PHE verified that ALL members provide written, clear and concise estimates and contracts.
  19.   Buyer complaint resolution assistance program – If terms and agreements were not fulfilled PHE will assist the homeowner in a proper resolution.