Want To Increase Your Property Value? Landscaping Experts Can Transform Your Home’s Exterior

by Cubby on June 1, 2012

Grass can be Greener

When you think about increasing a home’s value, the first home improvement projects that often come to mind are expensive kitchen and bathroom remodels or complete window and door replacements. While these are indeed excellent ways to boost a home’s value, there is another way to increase your property value and save money at the same time – investing in quality landscaping!


Not only is landscaping less expensive than a lot of the big ticket interior options, but it also has the potential to add tens of thousands of dollars in value to your property. In fact, research has shown that a home with well-maintained landscaping is worth anywhere from 5 to 12 percent more than one without any at all! But in order to take advantage of these benefits, it’s important to trust your landscaping needs to your local home improvement experts. An experienced landscaping professional will be up to speed on the latest trends and will know exactly how to use every inch of your yard to maximize your home’s value!


First Impressions Are Everything: Buyers Want A Home That Is Appealing – Both Inside And Outside!


So what is it about landscaping that makes a home more appealing, and subsequently more valuable? The answer is surprisingly simple: potential homebuyers typically associate beautiful landscaping with a cozy, inviting home. In other words, it is perceived that if a residence is well-maintained on the outside, it is probably well-kept inside as well. For instance, imagine a potential buyer’s disappointment upon arriving at a home they were previously excited about, only to be greeted by mounds of overgrown grass and armies of weeds. It’s enough to send them running in the other direction!


On the other hand, if their first impression of the home is that of a beautifully-maintained lawn complete with vibrant flowers, elegant lighting and winding pathways, the excitement will only grow. Plus, when enough homeowners in a particular neighborhood invest in landscaping, neighborhood home values will rise overall.


Landscaping Is More Than Just Flowers And Shrubs! Consult A Professional To Develop A Comprehensive Plan


In addition to trees, shrubs and flowers, it is recommended that you include a wide range of non-living features in your landscaping as well. This includes items such as fences, walkways, rocks, fountains, or garden art. With so many elements to consider, it only makes sense to trust this type of project to home improvement experts, as they know best how to formulate a landscaping plan that suits your home and incorporates a variety of value-increasing components.


Are you ready to invest in show-stopping landscaping that stands out from the crowd and elevates the value of your home? Preferred Home Experts can help! Contact us today at <phone number> to learn how we can transform your home’s exterior into something truly extraordinary.

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